Snipers are no match for the colour blind.

One of the most underrated advantages of being colour blind is the ability to much more easily spot contrasts. Popularly throughout time colour blind individuals have been trained as snipers in the military due to the ineffectiveness of camouflage on their vision.

One story published in TIME magazine back in the 1940s described how one pilot who had accidentally snuck through the colour screening program had inadvertently made a mission a success by easily spotting camouflaged enemy in grass and trees. Of course the Air Force and Army is still in no rush to start accepting thousands of colour blind applicants because they still deem the ability to read buttons and lights and signals properly as very important (Rightfully so I guess).

This makes the colour blind sniper a hit or miss thing. Some have suggested they were prevented from taking on the role, others (mostly from days gone by) have said they were employed specifically.

Try your luck out below! Chances are your colour blind pals will be able to spot these snipers a lot quicker than you!

How many did you spot? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook!

Thanks to IJR Review for the article. If you want to find more snipers check out stacks more images here.


5 thoughts on “Snipers are no match for the colour blind.

  1. Well I didn’t spot any of the snipers so that wouldn’t be good, if I was stuck in a forest, with a bunch of snipers!

    Seriously, my grandfather was a colour blind electrician for 50 years, but developed a way of coping with the ‘colours’ that he saw. I know this wouldn’t be possible for certain roles in the Armed Forces, but I do believe more could be done, in terms of effective labeling of colours, especially on buttons, which surely could be a method for helping colour blind individuals a bit more?

    There is also technology called ‘augmented reality’ which I believe could open up a whole new world of possibilities, which I will outline in another post soon!


    1. Augmented reality is a really fascinating development for the colour blind! I’d be interested in seeing your post when you write about it.

      I think what’s most useful about that prospect is that smart phones and tablet computers are everywhere now making it so easy to get apps and this kind of technology out to people.


  2. I am actually colour blind and it true, I spotted all three immediately. I tested it on my partner and sure enough they didn’t see any!
    This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this, but was researching it online after noticing on wildlife documentaries that lions and leopards supposedly concealed and invisible to my other half were plain to see! I guess that’s a more practical evolutionary explanation!


  3. All in about 2 to 5 seconds the one in the rocks took a bit but it was still easy to spot. I’m red green color deficient though


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